About Chocbox

Working with top chocolatiers & confectioners, we offer you a bit of personal indulgence & gifts you can be proud to give

Crafted by our independent suppliers with perfection throughout

Our Core Values

Quality and taste are extremely important to us, and we think they may be important to you, too. That’s what drives our choice of products for this site.

Price is important, of course, so we try to find great value at all levels. From time to time we will also run offers so you can try some of the very best chocolates at a lower price.

Learning about top chocolate: Our team’s in-depth chocolate knowledge comes from our work in the industry, collectively spanning many decades. We love sharing some of that knowledge with our customers. By learning more about what makes good chocolate, you’ll be able to make better choices, enjoy the chocolates more and perhaps get as excited as we do when we find a maker who produces something that’s truly outstanding!

This knowledge and passion also helps us choose which manufacturers we’d like to work with and which products we want to present here.

Look out for our online activities and content where we’ll help you learn more about top chocolate, how to taste it and what to look for when you do.

Chocolates & Confectionery to Delight & Excite

We’re passionate about great chocolate so we want to get more people excited about world-class chocolates, offering them at great prices via easy online ordering and prompt delivery.

With personal relationships with some of the world’s most experienced and skilled chocolatiers, we offer a fantastic selection of top chocolates and confectionery at great prices. We’re not beholden to any single manufacturer. We taste everything and select the best products for each category, which means that customers get a far better range than from a single manufacturer’s site.

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